7 Stability Ball Abs Exercises For Rock-Hard Abs

Abs. Everyone wants them. It seems to be the holy-grail of being lean. Well the truth is, we all have them and it takes getting body-fat levels down to see them. If you are tired of sit ups and crunches and want strong abs that not only look great but perform even better (since you […]

Cardio For The Ultimate Physique: Do More While Doing Less

Table Of Contents Preface Section 1: What Is Cardio? Section 2: How To Determine Frequency & Type To End With Section 3: The Toolbox & The Tool(s) For The Job Section 4: Intervals Section 5: Complexes Section 6: Circuits Section 7: FAQ Section 8: References Preface First, welcome and thank you for picking up my […]

Stop Looking Frail & Start Building Bowling-Ball Shoulders

Here is what you need to know: Starting with the lateral delts in the beginning of your program will allow you to hit them much heavier when you aren’t in a fatigued state. Starting with and ending with lateral delts will allow for hitting them in varying rep ranges and intensities thus stimulating hypertrophy. Anterior […]

Effective Arm Workouts For Men – AskMen.com

What up what up!? Sharing on my personal blog an article I was able to give input on and help YOU grow your arms. Turn them from water pistols to pump-action shotguns! If arms are what you like to do, you’ll want to read here: http://ca.askmen.com/sports/bodybuilding_100/111_fitness_tip.html#Biceps Dont worry ladies, you can have fun with this, too! […]

Stop Your Bland, Rigid, Restricted Dieting- It’s Ruining Your Progress

It never ceases to amaze me that even today, people are mesmerized by the fact that I eat candy (not as much though anymore for cavity reasons :-X), dessert when I feel like it, ice cream, or heck, even white bread, rice, fruit, or anything else that, for some reason or another, is to be […]

Treadmills, Rowers, and the Bosu: Personal Trainers Need To Stop Sucking

…and how you can stop it in it’s tracks. It doesn’t take much, and I promise I am not being condescending, but caring about your craft, the client, their goals, and the effectiveness of the program should probably the utmost priority when servicing them. Why? Because my goodness, they paid you money for your time and knowledge […]