Beginner Mistakes Killing Your Fat-Loss Efforts

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog for you. That said, it’s mainly because I use my Facebook as my mini-blog. Further, I really had it on my heart to lay out some of the biggest mistakes many of you make when you’re trying to lose fat, get fit, […]

Take Control Over Your Food: How To Track In MyFitnessPal

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since the last post. That said, I just found out how to screenshare my iPhone to my Mac and when I did it, I realized I could give you a complete How-To guide on tracking food in MyFitnessPal. Hopefully this helps you understand you can essentially have […]

You Are Not Alone; Neither Are Crabs In A Barrel

Don’t be a crab. The world is getting increasing larger. This goes without saying. Many people are looking to get their weight under control. Some want to lose 10, 20, 30+ pounds. Many want to feel better about themselves, how they look, and can they just function in life without running short of breath. The […]

7 Stability Ball Abs Exercises For Rock-Hard Abs

Abs. Everyone wants them. It seems to be the holy-grail of being lean. Well the truth is, we all have them and it takes getting body-fat levels down to see them. If you are tired of sit ups and crunches and want strong abs that not only look great but perform even better (since you […]

Cardio For The Ultimate Physique: Do More While Doing Less

Table Of Contents Preface Section 1: What Is Cardio? Section 2: How To Determine Frequency & Type To End With Section 3: The Toolbox & The Tool(s) For The Job Section 4: Intervals Section 5: Complexes Section 6: Circuits Section 7: FAQ Section 8: References Preface First, welcome and thank you for picking up my […]

Stop Looking Frail & Start Building Bowling-Ball Shoulders

Here is what you need to know: Starting with the lateral delts in the beginning of your program will allow you to hit them much heavier when you aren’t in a fatigued state. Starting with and ending with lateral delts will allow for hitting them in varying rep ranges and intensities thus stimulating hypertrophy. Anterior […]

Effective Arm Workouts For Men –

What up what up!? Sharing on my personal blog an article I was able to give input on and help YOU grow your arms. Turn them from water pistols to pump-action shotguns! If arms are what you like to do, you’ll want to read here:¬† Dont worry ladies, you can have fun with this, too! […]