With all the free macro calculators in the world, why worry about this consultation?

Well, if we’re to be honest, just like programs that you can easily grab out of any fitness magazine, it’s not truly individualized.

When tracking macros (and ultimately calories), you want to make sure that you are eating in a way that you can enjoy the foods you love within your boundaries of macros while adhering to an eating schedule that works well for you. Many options work from intermittent fasting to a straight deficit to fasting on off days while eating a lot on training days. As long as the diet strategy and food schedule works for you, you will see results.

Our consultation will go through a thorough questionnaire about yourself and all your preferences. From there, if I have any further questions, I will contact you. If what you provided is sufficient, I will send you your macros and you can get going!

*Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your macronutrient goals via email

Price: $79