About Louie Guarino


With an approach to the fitness industry that is refreshing and just straight-up real, Louie’s greatest love is to help people and to inspire change and self-belief in all his clients.

Born and raised in New York, Louie grew up loving the game of soccer and baseball. After graduating high school, Louie attempted a nursing degree before realizing that personal training is where his passion and drive lies. Certified with NASM CPT and completing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach training, Louie is a NPC Class Physique Competitor in the state of New Jersey.

As a young adult, Louie discovered that weight lifting was his greatest tool in dealing with and overcoming feelings of anger, depression and anxiety. Today, weight lifting continues to remain foundational in his training not just for himself, but all his clients.

Over the years, Louie’s opportunities to train clients near and far have included people with varying fitness levels, abilities, wants, and needs. Louie is highly regarded in the fitness industry for his drive for truth, his hunger to learn and bringing a bit of swag to the game!

Powered by S’mores Pop-tarts, Drake on replay and Diet Mountain Dew, his genuine love for people and desire to inspire change in the lives of those he encounters is what sets him apart and makes him cutting edge to the fitness industry.


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