1) “Man, I worked so hard to get this position! Does the boss know I tried so hard? Why couldn’t he see my efforts?”

2) “Ugh, I’m sick of this! I go to the gym, I work out. I eat healthy. Why can I not lose weight?”

3) “My business is struggling. I have no help. I swear, this location just sucks. No one knows I’m here.”

We hear things like this all the time. The kinds of remarks that make you feel bad for that person but at the same time, you have to ask that person, “who do you hold accountable for your actions? Do you blame yourself? Everyone else?

The fact of the matter is, is you have to look at your remarks objectively and truly ask yourself:

1)   Did I present everything I knew to the boss with clarity? Was I concise? Did my previous work hold enough weight to keep me in the running? Were you not as prepared as you would have liked to have been?

2)   How consistent was I at making time to go to the gym? Have I been following the program from your trainer? Am I REALLY eating the way I should be?

3)   Am I advertising properly? Does my business look immaculate? Does my business provide excellent customer service?


Learning how to see the problems you have is the first step to get the results you want. You need to be honest with YOURSELF more so than anything or anyone else.


Take Action Towards Success

What makes a successful person? For starters, you are going to fail. Period. Without failure, there is no success. That’s life. I have to quote Rocky when he said this to his son,

“…it ain’t about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward. About how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning done…”


Learning how to rebound from failure is the road that leads to success.

Success isn’t about the cars, the designer clothes, the multi-million dollar home, success is about being at peace with yourself, your life, your relationships, and having positive energy in all facets of life.

How does one create success? Well, there isn’t a perfect formula but what I can give is some helpful tips that can help lead you to that road:

#1: Write Down Obtainable Goals Each Week.

I learned this one from my friend and coach Frank Pucher. If you know what needs to get done or what can be done to mark a week “successful”, write it down and when you feel you have “nothing to do”, refer back to your list. There is ALWAYS something to be done. “View it and Do it!”

#2: Fix You Weakest Link

This closely ties in to #1. Frank tells me, “Lou, you are only as strong as your weakest link.” What is the hardest aspect of your life that is hindering whatever goal you have? Come up with a couple different solutions. “TACKLE IT!”

#3: Blame Yourself

Really. I learned this especially moving out of my parents house and living on my own. As an adult, you can work all you want, play all you want, virtually do ANYTHING you want. The choices YOU make will ALWAYS have consequences both good and bad. The only person you can blame at the end of the day is yourself. No one else.


Make It Happen

My clients KNOW this is my phrase. I say this to them so often that it now gets repeated back to me before I can say it. It’s the truth. We can lollygag, procrastinate, half-ass our work, but the truth of the matter is, do not expect results from the work you did not do. When you (in the case of the 3 examples):

1)   Take constructive criticism. Ask the bosses objective opinion so if the opportunity comes you are ready.

2)   Plan your week ahead and making the gym a priority as you would any other important appointment. Do the work your trainer gives you. Take your nutrition seriously.

3)   Educate staff on customer service. Knowing your customers and advertising to them.

You will likely do one thing:






Louie Guarino is a trainer out in the mean streets of Hoboken, NJ. Besides being incredibly handsome and charming, he has a passion to make the non-believers in to believers that they too, can achieve all goals in life, if they just make it happen.