If you’re looking for the next ‘quick fix’ or some “promising” fat loss plan that has you doing daily cardio sessions, in the gym 6 days a week and living off chicken salads, this is NOT for you.

This page is specifically for people who value themselves more than that. It’s for those who don’t just want to burn stubborn body fat, get ripped, and build lean muscle, but for those who want to do it in a sustainable, healthy, effective way. Who wants a better body AND a better life. If that sounds like you, read on ...

Life-Changing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Transformation Coaching


This is who my program is for.

Fat loss (and muscle gain) isn’t nor should it be a difficult task. 

Social media and mainstream media make it seem like a nightmare. 

Enough with the nonsense that you can’t eat this and you can’t that.


That’s not how this works and if you want something to be sustainable for life, you’re going to want to know what does.

The people I work with are working moms and dads, successful career people, new & seasoned competitors…basically, people successful in many areas of life and want to get in their best shape as well and tired of feeling as if all hope is lost.

These people want to put their training and nutrition into the hands of an experienced professional who will take out the guesswork and frustration for them.

If this is who you are and what you want, then we will work as a team to get you exactly where you are looking to get to.

I am the coach you have been looking to work with and you won’t regret it.

The 5 Pillars of the Coach Louie Transformation Program

First and foremost, let’s be clear: You should not be trying to fit your life around a diet. Your diet should fit your life.

My 5 Pillars for my transformation coaching is what makes all of this come together.

Each pillar is a foundational aspect of the successful coaching experience.

These pillars are:

Pillar #1: Behavior change and creating a healthy relationship with food again (or for the first time in your life).

When it comes to food, too many people feel they are “cheating” or “having bad food” or “not eating healthy” and I’m telling you this: There is NO moral value to food. There is no “good” or “bad” food. There is simply…food. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Snickers? Have at it.

Chips? Have at it.

We will make whatever you want fit into your meal plan that you will create.

Of course, you’re not living off candy and other sweets but the point remains: creating better behavior around all food is going to let you eat what you want and you do not feel anything other than satisfied.

Pillar #2: Accountability. 

A team setting online with your own client portal to keep us attached so you never have to do this alone.

So many people say, “I need someone to be accountable to” and if we’re honest: personal trainers in person don’t care about anything outside of the 1 hour you see them in the gym and many online coaches care about the money and not the individual. 

Within this program, you will be part of the Coach Louie Team community and have immediate access to me via your client portal and in the Facebook group.

Communication is important and the best way to maintain your accountability.

Pillar #3: Your Food. Your Meal Plan. Your Call.

You will learn to eat what you what, when you want, without fear, and long as you stay within your calories range. Making a diet fit your life, not making your life fit a diet.

Pillar #4: A workout plan that fits your life.

You don’t need to be in the gym 5, 6, or 7 days/weekly. You get in the amount that will allow you to have a social life, take care of work and family, and not be a miserable human.

Piller #5: Mindset matters.

Behavior is one aspect but changing your opinions on you and what you feel about your body is key. Accepting what *is* so you can work towards *what will be* will change your life making this journey more enjoyable.

Judy G. – Video Testimonial

Kristina C. – Video Testimonial

This Isn’t Only Online Coaching.


Coaching is more than just macros and a program.

You can go to several websites and find free everything from macro calculators to free programs but if it was solely about that, the world wouldn’t be increasing at the waistline.

The thing is is that there’s an education component involved. 

A lot of what’s on the internet lacks context and true instruction.

This just frustrates many people.

Other programs do not take the individual into consideration. They don’t take into consideration past experiences with other coaches, other programs, past dieting experience, and capabilities.

This is why people fail.

Lack of structure, not understanding where to begin and where to take it, and no accountability, as well as no sound teaching, makes it hard progress.

This is why you need this.

You need a successful plan and one that delivers.

“How Much Do You Charge?”

I’m certainly not the least expensive coach nor am I the most expensive.

That said, my services cost around the price of a 6-session training pack at your local gym (with way more to offer).

– I will save you time from trying other approaches that are not sustainable and maintainable but also potentially dangerous (a common example of this is a basic template meal plan from a gym or coach with given amounts that do not take in to account your individual person. This is not only cookie-cutter, it’s restrictive and teaches you nothing about navigating life).

– Let’s be honest, you can no longer afford to be ripped off. Not only do I have the photos and videos for proof my style of coaching works, I have testimonials from people just like yourself, people who’ve tried everything and have finally succeeded since coming under my coaching.

– I make it easy. Plans are created for an individual and their current abilities and needs. With video demos, various modes of communication, and plenty of plain-language resources written by me, learning becomes a lot easier (and more interactive).

– You’re unsatisfied with “ordinary”. You don’t want an “ordinary” body. You want one you are proud of, one you are confident in and feel great about. You want extraordinary and that is very achievable under my coaching.

Who Am I Looking To Work With?

  • Men & Women (Ages 30-60). These individuals have physique-oriented goals (fat loss or muscle gain). No endurance athletes (ie: runners unless you have stopped running and looking to get stronger and build your body). I work with people from ultra beginner to very advanced so I will use my discretion as to how I feel I can best help you.
  • I must be confident I can help you. I have my personality to consider and while I want to help everyone who has the goal of fat loss or muscle building, if our personalities won’t mesh or I just don’t think I can confidently assist you, I will not work with you. This saves time, energy, and potential frustration for both of us.
  • You must be a member of a commercial gym or your home gym needs to be well-equipped. I do not make exceptions to this. My programs will require dumbbells and/or barbells and/or machines and/or cables. If this is not possible or you are unwilling, my coaching is not for you.
  • Ready to commit to me and the program and ultimately want to succeed. I get it; emotions run high and you say you want to do it but I cannot force you to do anything. You have to want to put the effort in. My goal for you is to turn away from being a problem-seeker and turn you into a problem-solver. If I make the commitment to you, I expect that commitment from you in return.
  • I want your best. I don’t expect perfection by any means but I want you to give it all you’ve got and I will give you even more.

**Results may vary depending on your consistency and adherence to the program.