Who Is My Coaching For?

If you want to work with me then I’m going to tell you who I work with and what I look for. I work with people who genuinely have a passion and desire to change; not only their body but the mindset.

These people are working moms and dads, successful career people, new and seasoned competitors…basically, people successful in many areas of life and want to get in their best shape as well. These people want to put their training and nutrition into the hands of an experienced professional who will take out the guesswork and frustration for them.

If this is who you are and what you want, then we will work as a team to get you exactly where you are looking to get to. I am the coach you have been looking to work with and you won’t regret it.

Why Me?

Social media and brick & mortar gyms make finding a trusted coach fairly difficult. If you are going to be coached; not just given some cookie-cutter program, then you will want someone who listens and cares and treats you with much individualism. This can be done online with me.

With me, you will get me. I am huge on support, guidance, motivation, honesty, & care. All of which you will receive with me as your coach. If we work together, we are a team; period. If I feel through our interactions that we may not be a good fit, I will tell you. I want my clients with me giving me their best and committed. I keep the number of one-on-one clients down because I rather have a few, yet committed clients vs. many, uncommitted clients.

I’m here to teach you and even better, take out the frustration and guesswork you have.

Who Am I Looking To Work With?

  • Men & Women (Ages 30-55). These individuals have physique-oriented goals (fat loss or muscle gain). No endurance athletes (ie: runners unless you have stopped running and looking to get stronger and build your body). I work with people from ultra beginner to very advanced so I will use my discretion as to how I feel I can best help you.
  • I must be confident I can help you. I have my personality to consider and while I want to help everyone who has the goal of fat loss or muscle building, if our personalities won’t mesh or I just don’t think I can confidently assist you, I will not work with you. This saves time, energy, and potential frustration for both of us.
  • You must be a member of a commercial gym or your home gym needs to be well-equipped. I do not make exceptions to this. My programs will require dumbbells and/or barbells and/or machines and/or cables. If this is not possible or you are unwilling, my coaching is not for you.
  • Ready to commit to me and the program and ultimately want to succeed. I get it; emotions run high and you say you want to do it but I cannot force you to do anything. You have to want to put the effort in. My goal for you is to turn away from being a problem-seeker and turn you into a problem-solver. If I make the commitment to you, I expect that commitment from you in return.
  • I want your best. I don’t expect perfection by any means but I want you to give it all you’ve got and I will give you even more.

What Clients Past & Present Have Had To Say