We all have had ’em but if I touched on others, this would redirect you to Dr. Phil’s blog. Let’s stick to topic at hand.


If you are anything like me, you live in the northeast, have a fast paced lifestyle, a million and one things to do, and probably the last thing on your mind after a longggggggg, stressful day is to head to the gym. I mean come on, let’s be serious…you’re boss is a pain in the ass, your co-workers are caddy, and now you’ve got to come to a crowded room with people in spaghetti strap tee shirts and cut-off sleeves singing Greenday and DMB or bouncing around to Swedish House Mafia (ok, Im guilty of that..whoopsies)…among some other interesting characters…and now you have to exude MORE energy. 

I can honestly see where commitment fades and ‘F*CK IT’ becomes more embedded in the mind…

Here’s a quick story about a client of mine:

She works with an NYC lingerie designer as well as a full-time restaurant owner. She gets CONSTANT texts, calls, and emails from employees, coworkers, and virtually everyone minus the pope. Before we met, she was trying to remain active as much as possible. She would hit a studio class on Sundays, a v-barre or Pilates class a day or two during the week but was still frustrated with lack of fat loss. She just wanted to look as good as when she got married. Well I started training her husband and he was having success so she knew she HAD to make a commitment. With all of her own obligations, getting to the gym was something she WANTED to do but hadn’t made that decision to DO IT. During her assessment, we had a good conversation. The same thing I told her I will tell ALL of you who read this:


People as a whole, tend to say they WANT something but don’t do what it takes to GET something. You want to make more money? You work harder. You want a vacation? You save. You want to lose fat? You TRAIN ACCORDINGLY. When you want something bad enough, you do everything needed to get the job done. Don’t want to go to the crowded gym? Resistance bands and a suspension trainer for at home is a HUGE start. You want to go to the gym but don’t want to be around the meatheads singing Greenday and versus of DMB? Load up the ipod and blast it..and if that doesn’t work, throw a medicine ball at ’em. 

Just don’t hit the guy singing Swedish House Mafia…he’s a good dude.