This isn’t going to be a religious post or something to ruffle feathers. Why? Because:

#1: Religion, like politics, shouldn’t be spoken about in a public forum and that should always be respected.

#2: You don’t need to be ‘religious’ to have faith.

#3: Faith, like any other human emotion, is relative to the person so one’s “strong faith” may be equally weak to another.

As a trainer, practitioner of medicine, physical therapist, coach, and EVERYONE who views science as the concrete answer to the why’s and how’s in life, 99% of the time, the research is there to support it. As any WISE person above would do, they would go with majority outcome research as no one is ahead of science and research.

My only belief I will state is there will be anecdotal evidence that might work in some experiences but it doesn’t equate to 100% of the outcome so I use research as firm ground and move from there.

 Going back to a previous thought, yes, science is 99% of the time, is proof for the majority of the how’s and why’s in life but that still leave 1%. A STRONG 1%. What about things in your own life that have happened? Science cannot test your life experience.


Reflect the past year in your life. Really, do it. New job? More business? More money? How many times have you said to yourself, “Damn, I don’t know how this happened but I’m sure glad it did”? I KNOW I did and many of you, even if you won’t openly admit it to the public (as it’s truly no one else’s business anyway), have probably had that moment. Of course, you can probably THINK hard about some events in your life prior to that moment in your life you said, “I couldn’t be more happy.” There may VERY well be a reason for it. Example:

-New Job: Your credentials matched or exceeded the position and it was a no brainer for the hiring manager.

-More business: You learned how to use social media to market and reach the masses and BOOM, you now have better business.

-More money: Lol, if you have more business and not more take home money, you may be miscalculating or blame your accountant. 😛

With the above said, for every good situation, the bad could’ve happened. Examples:

-New job: Although you matched or exceeded the jobs credentials, the candidate you went up against was tit for tat with you but knew someone in the company.

-More business: Didn’t happen because manipulating the masses via social media is a lot more difficult when the internet is now a phone book.

-More money: No new business, no new money.

Get what I’m saying here? Things could’ve gone the other way even if the obvious “right” things were done. Outcomes could’ve been different. Was it just “coincidence”? Was it a little bit of “luck”? Or perhaps, it your faith that made you believe the positive would happen?

The number one definition of faith is “strong belief or trust in someone or something”.

Whatever it is you believe in, you had faith that it would happen. If you are reading this and the moment in your life you’re waiting for hasn’t come, I promise you, just have faith. That positive mindset will set the trend for many things to come.

I’ll tell you this, as a trainer in an industry where people feed nonsense to the public for a quick buck, having to compete with the bro gurus of the world, having to school people that total body strength training (especially for new lifters and those seeking fat loss) is the superior to train instead of hours on a treadmill, to my very own reading, writing, networking, professional and personal growth,  having faith is HUGE. Probably more than book knowledge. Without it, I would’ve quit, given up, and went back to my parents house.

            “There’s no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts you from Plan A.”

-Will Smith


I’ll tell you right now, planning is essential (especially if there isn’t a back-up) but in life, in the realm of the universe, there is no science equation, hypothesis and conclusion, or math problem that can solve the mysteries involving one’s faith.