A weapon of any sorts in any situation gives you the ability to be bigger than your opponent, proposition, or altercation. Sometimes weapons make an unfair match, even. Harsh, but it’s true. Words are weapons, guns/bats/knives are weapons, and your fists and feet are weapons. When you are in a situation that you feel that extra protection is needed, you will reach for your weapon to protect yourself.

 Have you ever considered the thought that your fitness life is a weapon? How many of you have experienced or have witnessed words like:

 “Oh my god, just get a life. You can’t look like that forever.”


 “C’mon bro, put on a shirt, no one wants to see you naked all the time.”


 “Ew, I don’t want all that muscle. She looks like a man.”

 …Yea, because having man tits (or not chest at all), no abs, a flat ass (yes, ladies love a man with an ass…my glutes can tell you that), skinny legs, and an incredible hunchback that makes Quasimodo look like an Olympic lifting athlete is attractive.



 …Because having incredibly rounded shoulders, muffin tops, no ass, and knees that knock in to each other as if they were drunk is attractive (it’s not, trust me. I won’t look at you. And I have VERY great taste in physically attractive women…even if their personality sucks. I’m working on it.)


 Feeling offended yet? I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO. Why? Because the negative things you spew are words of the weak. Words of the self-conscious. Words of the lesser.  Because when people bust their ass in the gym for the physique they want, push through tough workouts, have it in their mind they can be bigger, stronger, better, it’s incredibly empowering. It translates in to their own lives be with work, home, or socially. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE CRITICIZED FOR THEIR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION BECAUSE YOU ARE SELF-CONSCIOUS, LAZY, FAT, AND DISGUSTED WITH YOUR OWN LOOKS AND LIFE.

 Want to see changes around you? – START WITH YOURSELF.

 There are people who have made incredible, dramatic life changes by getting in to fitness to better themselves and others around them. They usually will give back far greater than they EVER received. Instead of criticizing people who put the work in, CELEBRATE THEM.

 I’ll put myself out there. I actually dealt with a little depression, as I had no direction in life. I couldn’t maintain a relationship. I had no money even working a full time job. Referencing a previous article, weight training was something I COULD CONTROL. It made me FEEL BETTER. My physique is a product of all the bullshit I been through. Many people’s physiques are a product of their life throughout the years both great physiques and those who have none aka the lazy, self-conscious, mediocre folks who talk shit about those who grinded day in and out to reach their levels of success in the gym.


To the people putting in the work:

 I salute you. I praise all you do. I commend your dedication to creating a better you. Whether it’s getting stronger, competing in physique competitions, strongman, powerlifting, anything…I know the catalyst to your success. Something drove you much deeper than, “I’m good at it.” Whether it was the need to prove to yourself you could do something to shut the mouths of your doubters, or you just felt you were bigger and better than your situation. You used that as fuel. That became your gun, knife, or bat so when people challenged you and you needed to defend yourself with more than a simple rebuttal, you were ready.

If you are still on your journey, don’t quit. You will never be perfect. You will never get it right 100% of the time. What you are already doing is becoming better than yesterday and sure as hell becoming better than those who talk shit while they drink their Venti Caramel Frap with 10 sugars, whipped cream, and 5 muffins (daily) and then have the audacity to pop off at the mouth about why you look like a loser posting this pic or that pic or having a bunch of gym status’ while they’re reading it…at home.

Don’t worry, your day will come and you will be ready.

So clean out your barrel, sharpen up your knife, and find yourself a new Louisville. You’re going to encounter people who want to bring you down. You’re going to encounter people who will want to beat the shit out of you at the moment they find you most vulnerable. You don’t know what they’re packing so it’s best you protect yourself.