Aesthetics are a great training aspiration. There are those who look to achieve a more muscular look and then you have those looking for fat loss. To each their own. A lot of the time, these desires come at the cost of one thing: Emotion. Negative ones at that. Maybe it’s the feeling of inferiority. Maybe it’s a harsh break up. Whatever it is, it’s usually your “why”. I am going to show you the one thing more that will have more impact on the quality of your life than having a physique like Arnold, a bank account like Brad Pitt and women flocking at your feet like Bradley Cooper.

 Now, lets be brutally honest, besides astronomical bank accounts, movie deals, product and/or supplement endorsements, and flocks of gorgeous women screaming for them like they just jumped out of a J-14 magazineImage, I would say they have great physiques. They have the trainers, nutrition counseling, and the WILL to look great.

 Now lets put YOU in the mix. Imagine being one of them for a day. Really sit and think about it. If you were one of them, tell me how good would it feel. I can’t lie, after all the love the ladies show to Bradley Cooper, I WISH I was his identical twin.

Image(you’re lying if you say you wouldn’t want to be his twin)


Truth is, it won’t happen. I can only be ME and you can only be YOU. I’ll tell you this though, if you could think of the one thought besides the superficial and material things, what personal trait would be on a level you never thought it’d be at?



even more…

Self Worth!

And honestly, that will ALWAYS be greater than their net worth.

 You may or may not have heard this story…err, journey…to where I am now with my physique. How I “turned a negative in to a positive and its allllll good.” Now, before I tell you how I discovered one of my keys to happiness, there’s this. See, back in the day I [cliff notes version]:


  • Was an ugly duckling growing up…Seriously. I was a cute kid until like 6th grade then POW, ugliness hit my face.
  • Was never mired…at all…like I got NO LOVE whatsoever.
  • Was super frail, flabby, and sick (not literally). I graduated weighing like 135. Although I did have a slammin’ girlfriend. Go figure. Frail dudes can still pull!
  • Had my fair share of girlfriends who all broke up with me.
  • Was cheated on so I started lifting to get payback
  • (rewind to previous point)


 Remember when Growing Up Gotti was the REAL DEAL of reality TV?


When guidos were IT? I had a blowout, wore Diesel and A|X, and Pumas laced my feet. When my girlfriend at the time cheated on me, I was devastated. I wanted payback. In my mind, and I’m sure in yours, success is the best revenge. I knew that if I could adopt this “lifestyle” of being a guido, which included several sessions a day at Planet Fitness, wore the clothes, and dated guidettes, that my life would drastically change and I would hit the pinnacle of what it meant to be “the man.”


 I wasn’t shit. In fact, it got me more depressed. The fact was I was empty. Chasing my inner feelings via every female that would show me love. If not love, SOME SORT of attention. That wasn’t the way to go about it. This turned me in to a monster and honestly, I would hurt those who did nothing wrong. You live and learn but if I knew then what I know now, life would be much different. I had this vision of being married with children by the time I was 26/27. Lol. Seriously…LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Image(hopefully you LOL’d at something)

 Whether you’ve been hurt in a relationship or just weren’t terribly desired, understandably, the toll on your inner self, confidence, and emotions can be devastating. That said though, not even the greatest physique can change that. Just like going home with a 10 to wake up to a 2, the mask covered everything for the moment but it doesn’t change the person.

 Having a great physique is sure as hell worth working towards. Really. I mean who doesn’t want to look desirable? Who wouldn’t want to be the epitome of leanness and what bodybuilding is about? The are plenty benefits of a great physique but will it really change who YOU are? Will it make YOU a better person?

 I can’t say it will or won’t. Personally, in the early times of a somewhat respectable physique, I was just lusting after girls because I knew they liked what they saw. I didn’t have my mind right because I didn’t have my heart and inner peace right. The older I’m getting, even at the ripe age of 26, there is so much more to a girl that is as equally important as her figure. Is she a hard worker? Is she driven? Is she successful? Does she compliment YOU as a man?

 Let’s face it though, until you develop a strong inner being, NONE of that matters. Not your physique, not whatever money you make, not your materials, NOTHING. Make no mistake, without any self worth, you will not get what you deserve or as the business people would say, “of equal value”.

 Work on your inner game. Work on respecting yourself. Work on really understanding who you are as a person. You can’t kick game and be confident and getting what you want if you aren’t confident in yourself. Girls see that. Trust me, I know. Bolster your confidence and surround yourself with positive people and get your stride right with yourself before you walk arm and arm with the woman you want.



Peace and Love,



P.S. – Ladies, this could ABSOLUTELY hold true to you as well. Male to Female, Female to Male, it’s all the same. Get your mind and confidence right and you will soon have Mr. Right.