**NEW GROUP STARTING April 2nd, 2018!**



For The Person Who Has Less-Than-Stellar Results That He/She Wants!

What Will Make This The Greatest Experience?

Fat loss is something many people who follow me want. They see how I talk about actually having a life and still being able to reach your goals. I am so against the grain of your average trainee going to the gym 6-7 days/week, hours of cardio, cutting out whole food groups unless medically necessary, and basically doing drastic measures thinking it’s the only way.

I constantly hear, “But I’ve tried everything…” and my guess is you haven’t cut training back in a more structured manner, learned to eat more protein, and get a better understanding of how to track your calories.

Because that’s what matters! 

While I worked with various folks, young and young-at-heart, male and female, beginner and advanced, it’s my sole purpose in fitness to help you build a better relationship with training, your food, and ultimately, yourself…no matter who you are.

Why Do You Need Me As Your Coach?

Well besides the fact that you’ll be with one of the most amazingly well-dressed, unique, people-loving coaches on the planet, you will be with someone who will put you first. You will be with someone you can trust through the process and be there with you every step of the way.

No More Guess Work. You Need This.

This is not your Instagram pseudotrainer who gives you some cookie-cutter nonsense. I loathe that and it’s my duty to give you what you want and need to help you reach your goals in an efficient manner. While you could be in the gym with with a trainer 1x/week, he/she won’t be able to come close the creating the community, programming, and nutrition coaching that this group provides.

A brief overview of the program is:

  • 3-Day semi-custom training program which will be created based on your thorough assessment. Why 3 days? Many people do too much and don’t get the results they’re after. 3-days provides enough volume for many beginners as well as builds confidence in the gym.
  • Optional cardio
  • Calorie/Protein goals: We will work on learning what foods are high in protein and we will learn how to log your food in myfitnesspal and learn how to create your own meals as you track. Carb/Fat ratios for this group will be preferential.
  • Coaching Community via Private FB Group with plenty support
  • Exercise critiques in the group so the group learns together
  • Biweekly check-ins with changes made as needed.

Here’s what I am looking for:

  • Male/Female
  • Less than 2 years of training experience
  • Currently signed up at a commercial gym or well-equipped home gym
  • Wants to learn how to track food using MFP and/or get better at it.
  • Wants to learn flexible dieting and eat normally…finally.
  • Sole goal is fat loss.


12 Weeks (3-months)

Group Pricing


I Want To Join The Coach Louie Fat Loss & Gainz Experience!