I’m very big on eating whatever I want…ok…what I really mean is finding the best “healthy” options to satisfy my hunger, taste buds, and physique.  One thing I could eat over and over and over again is burgers and fries or chicken sandwiches and fries. We can debate which restaurant had the better ::cough Wendys cough:: food but I think we are ALL in agreement that single ingredient, unprocessed foods are the way to go and if there was a way to have the certain meals we loved growing up from the restaurants, we could enjoy them on a more regular basis.

Right now, I’m in contest prep so I especially need to keep track of my nutrition and training. I love fries. I love chicken. Neither needs to be bland or boring as long as you get creative. 

This meal is a staple meal because honestly, I DO NOT get sick of it.

Give it a shot and ENJOY.


Ingredients for the Spicy Fries:

  • Red potatoes (you can sub for sweet potatoes)(I used 2 med sized)
  • Olive oil (I used 10ml which isn’t 1 full serving [15ml])
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • Red Pepper Flakes (to taste)

Preheat over to 400 degrees

Step 1: Cut potatoes as thin (think shoe string fries) or thick (steak cut fries) in whole slices.

Step 2: Cut the whole slices long ways evenly.


Step 3: Place in bowl. 

Step 4: Use salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to season to taste


Step 5: Shake in bowl then place on non-stick cookie sheet or foil with a little spray


Step 6: Place in oven for 30 min.


Ingredients for Chipotle Chicken:

  • Defrosted Skinless, Boneless Chicken (I used Perdue Fit & Easy Thin Slice. Use what you’d like)
  • Lawry’s Chipotle Marinade (1 serving = 15ml)

Place marinade in bag with chicken. Shake and let sit for 15 min. Half way through the fries cooking, place chicken on another cookie sheet and place in over. This should finish cooking in 15 minutes if fully defrosted and thinly sliced.

Take both trays out. Serve on plate and use condiments if needed. On the fries, I put this Jalapeño Hot Sauce (0 cal) from Williams-Sonoma (BANGIN’ by the way).