^^Greatest Motivational Speech … E.V.E.R.

One thing I have learned about people (heck, even myself) the more I interact and train them is their apprehension to do exactly it is they say want to do.

I would say the reason is fear.


-Fear of change: This could be in one’s schedule or social interactions with friends and loved ones and co-workers. No one likes to break daily routines (although you should).

-FOMO (aka Fear Of Missing Out). When you want something, it takes sacrifice to get where you need to go and sometimes, it will require you to miss/postpone events or gatherings in the short-term to positively impact the long-term goals.

-Fear of being inadequate: People will think their current state of being (financial, relational, physical) isn’t enough to get the job done because it takes digging deep down and pulling more than you think you’re capable of.

-Fear of rejection: Because really, who genuinely can accept (and enjoy) rejection?

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of other fears (like spiders and snakes on a plane) but the one’s that stop you from reaching you ultimate goal are more internal feelings that change your external perception of the your reality and world around you.

Although the message is universal, chances are if you are reading this, you are involved with fitness or looking to start your journey, or on your road now.

Your goal is right ahead of you. It’s bright and the feeling will feel DAMN GOOD when you reach it.

Look for sources of positivity and support while you embark on it and find family and friends who care to see you progress to levels you never thought you would get to.

Don’t focus on the people, places, or things that ultimately will paralyze you from reaching where you want to be.

You are MORE than enough and you simply have to believe it. I know, sounds corny, but when all is said and done, when you harness that internal desire and strength to get to where you want to be, you will get there. It won’t be the most smooth road, but it’s through the potholes, bumps, and brick walls you have to bring down, that you have to get over the fear so you do not regress and instead, keep progressing.

Rejection? Hey, think about it like this: if you are rejected and unsupported, then the people and place on your journey who provided that hit won’t be with you in the end, and that might be a great thing.

So hold tight to the goal at hand with tunnel vision.

Remain consistent and determined.

You will reach your destination. One step at a time.

Fear nothing.