I’ve had this epiphany for quite some time. Today, I wanted to share an article by Jon-Erik Kawamoto titled, “I’m Sick of the Fitness Industry”. Why on earth would I want to share something that in fact is quite opposite of the reason I got in to this career field, anyway?

…because it needed to be said…

There is an alarming amount of dogmatic practice and elitist in the fitness industry. Why? Who knows. You’re ultra shredded body, sick marathon times, or WHATEVER your accomplishments are in fitness is exactly that…YOUR accomplishments. They don’t ever directly transfer over to training a client unless of course, that client wants to be you exactly, and even then, the approach to get there will inherently be different…you get my point…so trying to make someone inferior to what isn’t your kind of practice is quite childish and ignorant.

You know who the well respected trainers are? The ones who HELP their clients. The ones who ASK QUESTIONS. The ones who are open to ALL information, philosophies, methodologies, and take what they can relate to or what will help them better serve their clientele and throw away what isn’t needed.

You know who doesn’t get respect? The ones who don’t respect the new gym goer because they don’t know what they’re doing. The one who talks shit and makes people feel like they’re inferior.

Anyhow, the link to the article is

I hope whoever reads this starts to understand that as FitPro’s, we are here to help serve the people who can’t themselves and want to become better.