[Grandma, skip to the bottom]

Many of you know me as Louie…and to my people back home, Louis. The skater, turned Guido, turned Greek statue. I have gone through many phases in my life, many friends, my fair share of downs and with a growing personal faith, MANY ups and much to be thankful for.

This blog post wasn’t meant to happen. At least not like this. The reason it’s being written is my client who I called Gibb, has opened my eyes to many things (especially this) and helped me grow personally while she surprises me more with her growing strength and body changes (which is why she came to me, duh). Although I may be great as a trainer and helping people break their physical (and sometimes emotional and mental) plateaus, Gibb has schooled me on life because she and I are one in the same. Her thing is, she’s experienced it, whereas me, at 26, still have A TON to experience.

I don’t speak much on my personal/private life because well, it’s just that; personal. My family life is separate from my professional life and I think many would agree that’s how it is. Well, before I get to the meat of all this, as it’s more ramble as it flows in my mind, I want to say this. I am a dream chaser. My dream is to be the best there is in my field. I study, I read, I experiment, I network, I blog, I ask questions, I critically think, I am skeptical…I….I…I…IM FUCKING SELFISH. I have been so one-track minded because of my pursuit to be the best and be great that on that road to greatness, I bypassed so many meaningful sites and opportunities. I disconnected with the people and things closest to me. Missing out on family events, not speaking to my parents as much as I would like, my siblings being left in the dark…I became selfish. I’ve been selfish my entire life. That’s not to say I don’t give, don’t love, don’t care…the opposite could be said 100%. Just ask a few of my boys about how “sensitive” I can be. Lol. Well, with all that I have to be thankful for:

  • – A blossoming training career
  • – Having an apartment with some cool ass roommates
  • – My mentors who have become like big brothers to me
  • – My family
  • – Living just outside the greatest city in the world, NYC

I still can do better, should be better, and need to do better. For those who have had the privilege to meet her, my grandmother (as I write this) will not be on this earth for much longer. As her “favorite grandchild” (yes, I really am ☺ ), I can honestly say, it’s not her that taught me some of the lessons I’m about to lay down, it’s her situation that finally brought some things to a head and I think WE, yes including you reading this, need to re-evaluate some of the priorities in life.

Lesson #1: Tell Your Family You Love Them

Growing up, hell, even until recently, I never really told my mom and dad or my siblings “I love you” while getting off the phone or ending a text conversation. However; I did tell my grandmother every single time. You know what, before I left her at the hospital for the last time, I gave her the biggest hug I could without hurting her and said, “grandma, I love you”. We are so caught up in the nonsense that goes on daily that we forget the things and people that really matter. To hell with material gifts and vacations and cars and clothes and alllll this other crap that when you go, that shit ain’t going with you…sometimes the BIGGEST impact you can make in a persons life is to just tell them you love them. If you don’t think it’s much of an impact…I will never verbally be able to tell my grandmother I love her ever again and look in to her eyes. For those of you who had grandparents spoil the shit out of you and they are no longer here, I know you feel me.

Lesson #2: Follow Your Dreams But Don’t Lose Grip Of Reality

Dreams are big. Making a plan of action to achieve all you desire in life then attacking it shows the heart of a lion. Disconnecting from the rest of the world while on that chase is foolish. Like we ALWAYS say in the nutrition field, “it’s about balance”. If I preach this to my clients when we speak on diets, why shouldn’t the same rules apply to life? We want this…we have to learn how to incorporate that.

Lesson #3: Man, Life Is A Blessing, Cherish It

I don’t speak on religion as, just like politics, you really aren’t supposed to touch that subject publicly but I will say this, every single day I wake up, I am blessed. My faith grows and I live each day purposefully. My grandmother won’t wake up one of these days very soon. I CAN’T BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH THAT SCARES ME. Not because I’m afraid to lose her as yes, this is life, but I am personally and truthfully afraid to die. No one thinks about this. No one WANTS to think about this. As morbid as it may sound, imagine YOU not waking up the next day. When you wake up, breathe. Love every day. Chase your dreams. Not to be cliché but live as if it were your last. I have never in my life had anyone in my immediately family, pass away. I’m still digesting it.

This might have all been one big ramble but it’s how I feel. It may be how you felt and you understand. If you never have gone through this, I pray it’s easy for you as it’s never easy for anyone. These were some lessons I learned in my one hour client session with Gibb and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you can take some of these and apply them to your life.


[Grandma, I love you]