It’s been a stressful day at work, your girl is naggin’ you, and your mind is spinning.  There’s housework to be done and bills to be taken care of. Ok ok…maybe you don’t have that drama of a life. Maybe you just want to spend more time doing other things like be with the family that spending hours in the gym isn’t your cup of tea. That’s fine, it’s not mine either. You have 1 hour to train. 60 minutes with nothing on your mind except the training session of the day. How do you maximize your time and your training so that when all else is bothersome, you can feel great about the session you just had?

 You’ll do it by maximizing your training time, learning how to manipulate variables in your training for the ultimate goal or training effect you desire. Maximizing training in a short time is what is known as training economy.

 Learning the economy of training is no different than learning the economy we live with in our daily lives. We are looking for the biggest return with minimal investment; more bang for your buck, if you will. 60 minutes may not seem like a lot of time but if you bar the bullshit like texting, phone calls, emails, gawking at the chic lifting heavier than you, you may very well be on your way to getting the look you desire.

 Time is money and with 60 minutes in an entire day, we have very little money. Knowing what to train, how to train, and for how long to train can be easy with the right approach.


The Set Up

 Let’s use a very generic set up for a day you work chest and back. You get in to the gym at 6 pm, it’s pretty crowded with jerkoffs. What do you do?


– Set a timer for each bout. (For the general example, I’ll use 10 minutes for each exercise.)

– If we’re speaking on hypertrophy, work in your 6-10 rep range. Let you weight dictate your reps and your rest dictate your rest.

– Keep you eccentric portion of the lifts controlled.

– Move on to the next exercise after the timer is done.

– Track your training and when you find yourself getting in more work done in the same time, it’s time to up the weights slightly.


Let’s see what this 6 o’clock hour looks like:

 6:00-6:05 – Dynamic Warm-Up (Specialize it to your training session of the day. Get in, get out)

 6:05-6:15 – Main Back Compound Movement (Barbell Row, Chin-ups, Pull-ups)

6:15-6:25 – Isolation Movement (Something you may very well need such as Facepulls, High Rows, V-Lat Pulldowns [Coach Nick T move])

 6:25-6:35 – Main Compound Chest Movement (DB/BB Chest Press [Incline/Decline], DB/BB Floor Press, Push-ups)

 6:35-6:45 – Isolation Movement (Cable Flyes, DB Flyes)

 6:45-6:55 – Freebie (Something you want to work on. I for one want capped shoulders so lateral delt raises or lateral cable raises might be my freebie. This is for you. There’s no right or wrong here. Want arm isolation, cool)

 Look at that, you have 5 minutes left to spare. Hit a finisher like my TRX Biceps Finisher.

 If you know you’re going to be be able to train 4 days a week and will hit upper body again, change your movements and hit the muscle at different angles.  The same will be done with your leg day as well.


Make It Happen


I know there’s a meathead in all of us. Yes, even you, the working man. There are days when we just want to say to hell with the gym or you just don’t know how to maximize the little bit of time you have. Well here it is folk, a way to get the big bang for your training buck. Remember, all you need is a dollar and a dream. I made your dream a reality. Time to turn that dollar in to a million.