Let’s not get it twisted. Ricky Ross (the BAWSE) is a big dude- sadly, when I say big…I’m not talking about Kai Greene muscleman big.

Hell, I’m not even saying Terry Crews big. If I have to be perfectly honest, Rick Ross is obese.

As you may know, those who are obese are at a higher risk for CAD and diabetes. Having seen one too many of my favorite rappers die pre-mature deaths, it pains me to think that Rozay could cut his career short by neglecting his health.

If Rozay wants to continue his legacy and go down as one of the greatest rappers of all time, he must lose weight. A dramatic weight loss would garner a new image to be proud of and ensure that if his rap career was to be taken away he could still work and function optimally because of his good health.

I know this sounds like an impossible task but bear with me for a moment. Let’s suppose Rick Ross wanted to transform from the rotund rapper to a lean, Maybach-muscled machine, how would he do it?

Well, to take a man of his stature down to size, we would need to address three areas. The first nutrition, the second strength training and the third and final piece, his conditioning.

Step #1: Nutrition


When we are talking about fat loss, one of the, most overlooked, components is NUTRITION.

A man with Rick Ross’ bodyfat % would be best served with a high fat/low carb diet, to start. Those who are obese run a higher risk of insulin resistance from higher carbohydrate diets (edit: as of most recent research, this may actually not be as true as we think as long as exercise and deficit are in place). To ensure weight loss in the beginning stages, it is critical we keep RAWSE away from the places he may overeat (like his favorite restaurant on tour).

In terms of calories, we would track his calories to make sure he was in a caloric deficit until he reaches his level of leanness.

Someone like him, I would start bodyweight x8-9 (in cals)

Step #2: Strength Training


Approaching training with Rawse the Bawse is pretty simple. We would hit the body with three to four total-body workouts a week

When fat loss is the primary objective its important to burn as many calories as possible, while building/maintaining muscle. Total body training requires more muscle activation. More muscle activation requires more energy. The more energy (calories) consumed, metabolically, the greater the capacity to burn unwanted body fat

On another note: obese men (like Ross) looking to shed down should NOT rely solely on isolation movements (bicep curls, triceps pushowns, etc). Isolation movements are comparable to wax on his new Maybach. It makes it shine but it’s not necessary.

Think more movement/muscles used (ie: machine chest press, machine shoulder press, etc).

Step #3: Conditioning


First I want to say weight training IS conditioning.

A man Ross’ size may not even need to do supplemental conditioning initially to shed fat but given this is a hypothetical situation, let’s push the envelope and add in a bit of roadwork.

When it comes to conditioning for a man his size, we should use dynamic warm-ups activation drills on his non-training days and tools like the prowler, sled, and battle ropes. The reason these are good options is they have a low learning curve relative to high rewards.

In terms of frequency this sort of training should be used for a single session.

Yes, you read that right;ONE SESSION A WEEK.

Anything more than that for a deconditioned person like him, will put him in a negative state and ensure he doesn’t recover properly for his next training session.

As he loses weight and becomes better conditioned we may add an additional session, as long as it doesn’t impede the recovery.

The last option a man Ross’ size can consider for cardio is good ol’ fashion walking. Sure it’s not as flashy as pulling up to the Bodega in a Maybach but its damn well more effective if fat loss is the goal.

There are a lot of guys out there who weigh as much as Ross. If they want to shed the pounds and improve their quality of life, they can follow my sound advice. As you can see, it really isn’t difficult as the masses make it seem.

All it takes is a systematic approach (like I’ve laid out), consistency, and a program, which keeps you progressing.