For World-Class, Intimate Coaching Created Custom For You & Your Physique Goals

If you want to work with me then I’m going to tell you who I work with and what I look for. I work with people who genuinely have a passion and desire to change; not only their body but the mindset. These people are working moms and dads, successful career people, new and seasoned competitors…basically people successful in many areas of life and want to get in their best shape as well. These people want to put their training and nutrition in to the hands of an experienced professional who will take out the guesswork and frustration for them.

If this is who you are and what you want, then we will work as a team to get you exactly where you are looking to get to. I am the coach you have been looking to work with and you won’t regret it.

Why Choose Online Coaching With Me?

Social media and brick & mortar gyms make finding a trusted coach fairly difficult. If you are going to be coached; not just given some cookie-cutter program, then you will want someone who listens and cares and treats you with much individualism. This can be done online with me. If you are looking for someone to be by your side physically to coach you, then I am not your guy. Outside of that, everything else can be done virtually the same and even better online.

With me, you will get me. I am huge on support, guidance, motivation, honesty, & care. All of which you will receive with me as your coach.

Even better, this is why you should get coached and coached by me…

Too many people spend insane amounts of time (and money) trying to get fit, lose some fat, eat better, and get a handle of their training and nutrition. I’m here to teach you and even better, take out the frustration and guesswork you have.

Who Am I? Why Do You Need Me?

Well…good question and even better answer. Since 2012, I have been personal training clients originally starting in the gym with a wide-range of clientele so I could learn more about my craft and where I wanted to specialize in then moved in to online coaching because I knew many of you who had no access to me while I trained in New Jersey, could still benefit from having me as your coach. I’ve worked with clients ranging from Type-A Wall Street executives to the stay-at-home mom. To view client photos/testimonials, you can click the following links: Client/Testimonials and my Facebook page.

If we work together, we are a team; period. If I feel through our interactions that we may not be a good fit, I will tell you. I want my clients with me giving me their best and committed. I keep the number of one-on-one clients down because I rather have a few, yet committed clients vs. many, uncommitted clients.

What Is The Process?

I want you to feel comfortable and at-ease with the process from beginning to end. I want you to know we will work together continually and be in communication throughout the process. Obviously, within the variables we can control, we will set up your training and nutrition appropriately for your goals. This obviously happens when we discuss you and what you desire in a more thorough manner. If you become a client, the initial set-up is something like this:

  • Calories/Macronutrients goal: This will be the amount of food you will be eating. If you have never tracked, we will work together on learning how to build a meal plan so you can learn to do it instead of me giving you one. The food you eat is purely preference and nothing is necessarily off-limits unless it does not help you reach your goals.
  • Tracking sheet and adherence guidelines
  • A specific program geared towards your goals, experience, & schedule.
  • You will be added to my coaching group where all my clients are as well as the MGF coaching group where all the clients and coaches of MGF are together. This builds community and one where everyone supports each other.

Results take time. I know you hate to hear but it it’s true. Program results also are the results of your adherence, consistency, and overall work. Program changes happen when they need to be made. If I need to drop calories, I will. If I need to add cardio, I will. If I need to add more work, I will. If I need to decrease work, I will. You are an individual thus I will treat your program uniquely for that reason.

  • Check-ins are every Monday. This is when photos are sent in via email as well as feedback in regards to your training and nutrition, we go over your nutrition log for the week, and look at your weight trends. There is also a measurements tab where we will have a collection of weekly measurements. Each week we collect all this data and move in a direction needed to reach the goal.
  • Independence. You will learn to become that. While I would love for you to stay with me forever, if you choose to go on your own, I want you utilizing these principles to keep your new physique.


Without communication, my knowledge, experience, and desire to help you doesn’t matter.

My clients and I communicate a lot through the FB coaching group and FB Messenger (as long as it is not abused), and email. I expect my clients to check in with me every so often as there is one of me and many of you. Doing this allows us to build a relationship that will allow me to help you the more I get to know you and your situation(s). When we work together, we learn to create plans for life’s situations and get you back the control in your eating and training so that other areas of your life do not take a hit (as it often does).


My Prospective Client…YOU

  • Men & Women between the ages of 30-55. These individuals have physique-oriented goals. No endurance athletes (ie: runners unless you have stopped running and looking to get stronger and build your body). To be more specific, fat loss or muscle-gain via weight training. I work with people from beginner to very advanced so I will use my discretion is I feel I can help you which brings me to my next point.
  • I must be confident I can help you. I have my personality to consider and while I want to help everyone who has the goal of fat loss or muscle building, if our personalities won’t mesh or I just don’t think I can confidently assist you, I will not work with you. This saves time, energy, and potential frustration for both of us.
  • You must be a member of a commercial gym or your home gym needs to be well-equipped. I do not make exceptions to this. My programs will require dumbbells and/or barbells and/or machines and/or cables. If this is not possible or you are unwilling, I am not your guy.
  • Ready to commit to me and the program and ultimately want to succeed. I get it; emotions run high and you say you want to do it…then the work actually comes and then there is every excuse as to why you can’t. I don’t want problem seekers. I want problem solvers. My clients don’t quit. If I make the commitment to you, I expect that commitment from you in return.

How To Apply

  • Submit an application at the link below.
  • Once your application is received, I will go over it and email you asking for more information if needed. The goal here is to learn more about you and your needs and come up with a perfect plan for you.
  • Pricing with come once we determine if we are a good fit, if the plan in place is perfect, and we are going to start.
  • After payment is made, I will send you forms I need signed and filled out, and returned before I can begin your program.
  • Once I get the forms back, the magic begins and I create your training and nutrition program from scratch.

Your Questions; My Answers

  • What are the packages offered? – We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12-month training options. Each package has a 1, 2, and/or 3-time payment option. Payment is done securely via Stripe in the client portal.
  • How much does coaching cost? – Monthly coaching prices are in line with the cost of your average 4 1-hour session package at a commercial gym. The average monthly cost ranges from $235-325/month. Coaching costs take in to account my experience level, time, and the detailed, personalized manner of the program. I am not just giving you a program and macros and calling it a day. This is an experience, educational opportunity, and something to last a life time.
  • How do we track/access training & nutrition, do check-ins, & communicate? – When you become a client, you will have access to your own client portal where you can sign-in, access reference materials, provide your check-ins. The client portal syncs with MyFitnessPal and MyMacros+ where your macros and daily meals are ported over.. If you use a FitBit, it syncs with that and shows your daily steps and sleep. You can access it via laptop/desktop, tablet, and phone.

Help Make Be The Best Version Of Myself!