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1-on-1 Coaching

Whether the goal is fat loss or muscle-building, reaching your goal should make you feel empowered, boost your confidence, and be sustainable for a lifetime. I will help you reach and exceed your potential while building the body you have always wanted.

Nutrition-Only Coaching

There are plenty people that just like their group classes, CrossFit, HIIT training, home-workouts, or simply cannot train and need to get on the right path with nutrition so their hard work isn’t going to waste. With nutrition-only coaching, you will be guided along with your food intake so you learn how to eat for your goal while not having to go to extremes to achieve your goal.

Why Choose Me

Professional & Intimate

Choosing a coach is about creating a relationship. It’s about being a team. It’s about getting through the great moments and not-so-great moments in your journey together. There is a need for trust and care for you, your health, your wants, and needs.

Evidence-Based Coaching

There is a lot of nonsense out there giving people a false sense of reality when it comes to nutrition, training, and how to create a body you can be proud of. There are no supplements or creams or magic programs to get the job done and to be honest, you don’t need as much as you think. The evidence is clear and I want to help you achieve the body you want.

Erasing Years Of Frustration

The goal of my coaching is two-fold. You have your goals in which you have to work for and achieve. My goal for you is to realize that all the things you did in the past do not matter now. This is our moment to get you living the life you have wanted in the body you can feel confident in.

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What Have Current & Former Clients Said About Coach Louie

I followed Louie for a while on Facebook and really liked his approach towards training, nutrition and his no-nonsense attitude in his posts…Training with Louie has been great. He has been nothing but encouraging, motivating and supportive of all aspects of my well being not just my training and nutrition.  He always pushes me to work harder both physically with training and mentally with my nutrition.  He has 100% been with me every step of the way on this journey…Communication between Louie and I has been great.  Even with the time difference, all responses are quick…My overall strength and fitness have improved and body fat has dropped.  I am looking very defined too and could not be happier with the results I have achieved in such a short space of time.  I have learned so much from Louie, he is willing to share his expert knowledge, he is energetic, fun, committed, trustworthy and inspirational I can’t recommend him enough!
Mai R.

London, UK

…I’ve been so happy with my results but even more pleased with Louie’s coaching style and approach that I am continuing on to 1:1 training with him.  I am excited about this next phase with Coach and I just know he’s going to help me get to the next goal.  Why?  Because he is the real deal and he cares about all his clients’ success.

You will not be disappointed if you train with Louie.

Dayami P

New York, NY

I signed up with Louie…and it’s easily the best decision I’ve made this year! And It’s pretty high up there with best things I’ve ever done for myself. I’m much happier and have way more energy now than before I signed up, I’ve had friends and colleagues tell me all the time that I look better…I came to Louie wanting to get back in shape after a being sedentary for a couple of years, and man did we turn that around! He put me on an easy-to-follow diet and had me go to the gym 3 days a week. Now half a year later we’ve ramped it up to training 5 days a week, and I’m still making progress and feeling better than ever! Since I live in Norway, I wasn’t sure how well the communication would work because of the time differences. All credit to Louie here, we communicate really good and he always answered all my questions pretty much right away. Even when I sometimes forgot about the time difference, he made sure to get back to me in a timely fashion…Send Louie an email and sign up today! I can’t recommend him enough. My only regret, if you can cell it that is not reaching out to him years ago!
Thomas E.


I met you when I was frustrated with my weight gain, the way I looked in the mirror and how miserable I felt. I was at my lowest mentally and physically. You were kind and simplified the process for me. I had read all kinds of books and articles on weight loss and nutrition, but nothing worked for me. You came along and allowed me to eat what I wanted and help me strengthen my body. And with that, I am much stronger mentally. So thank you so much.

You have taught this 51-year-old woman so much about herself and about accepting a mostly balanced lifestyle. I’m still a work in progress but I am so much happier with my lifestyle choices and there are a lot less self-sabotage and mental punishment.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart. You are the best coach!

Debbie H.

New York, NY

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