G’day mates!
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Christmas time is done so I wanted to look forward to the new year as I know many of you are like, “Christmas is over, time to diet”.
New Years Resolutions are abound, people want to get “skinny”/lean/toned and/or want to put on muscle, get stronger, have better mobility, and be in less pain.
People don’t want to fear carbs, protein, and fats. People don’t want to rely on eating air. People will want better blood markers on physicals. People will not want to be pre-diabetic. People will not want to be on the line flirting with obesity (barring genetic problems).People want to maximize results in minimal time. People will want to have a body they are proud of.
While there are many ways to skin the cat, unfortunately, people still pick the methods they are emotionally attached to; many of which have been debunked, are dangerous, and/or incredibly extreme.
It’s time to you get a lasso around the things you’ve been doing to date, seeing it doesn’t work, and start little by little and changing habits.
Here’s how you can do it:
#1: STOP saying/thinking you “eat well” – This one is a favorite among many people. I understand the language and intent behind the saying (like eating home-cooked meals, whole unprocessed foods, nutritious foods, etc) but at the same time, it is wrong. I won’t be politically correct about it, either. It needs to be said. When you do something “well”, you produce the positive results you are after. If you “eat well” but haven’t remotely gotten where you wanted, then you aren’t eating well, are you? Eating “well” is completely subjective. You need objectivity (at least when you start dieting for a goal) and this means you have to get your calorie intake set, setting your protein to roughly bodyweight (in grams), and having fun with your carbs and fats WHILE not going over your calorie total.
#2: Schedule Training Sessions Accordingly – 6 days in classes 2x/day is, in my honest opinion, completely unhealthy. Again, I can’t hold back on it. Classes are meant to be fun. For those who have never been in the gym, they can be the starting point to get one moving. They are meant to be an adjunct to your foundational strength training. The strength training that holds on to and builds lean body mass. The strength training that will allow you to push yourself up off the floor when you fall. The strength training that will allow you pick up your kids. The strength training that will give you the physique you want. The strength training that helps build your metabolic rate to help burn fat.
If you don’t know your way around the weight room, are intimidated, and/or want to get to your goal, find yourself a knowledgable trainer. I hope that I am that for many of you but if you need a recommendation in your area, please ask. I will find you the best of the best if I can.
I hate the cliché phrase, “fitness is a lifestyle”, but a spade is a spade and no one likes to live a dysfunctional lifestyle. If you want to be better, it will take time, knowledge, and working with someone skilled and professional.
2-3 days at a 45-60 min session would do wonders for a majority of the population.
#3: Be Patient – Let me be honest; I have people say “I want your physique” or “I want to be lean like you” and I’m letting you know this…I’ve been consistently training for 10 years. I am 28. Do the math. It doesn’t come easy. It won’t happen overnight. I have injured myself. I have tried various methods/ideals and what I have learned is this: consistent training and repetition has gotten me stronger, leaner, and better because it also taught me discipline.
If you need a transparent scenario, look no further than your professional life. If you are, in your mind, successful in what you do, think about all the hours, work, time, and effort it took you to get there. That same success that got you to where you are professional will need to be harnessed just as much, if not more, when starting your fitness journey.
#4: Be Realistic – While I can give you graphs, peer-reviewed studies, infographs, and yadda yadda, none of it matters, technically, because you want results. To get results, you need to understand there is no magical supplements. There is no magical workout plan. There is no times table. Results are driven by you, your effort, and your drive to be better.
Hopefully this resonates with you. I know you want results and with that said, you need to work for it. There is no other way around.
You have made it to 2016 and have had the same resolution.
Will you do it differently this time?
Oh, and