You know what annoys the shit out of me?


Well besides the people who work at Dunkin Donuts who put cheese on an egg white flat bread sandwich when I specifically ask for “NO CHEESE, please”…


People who come to the gym and plop their arses right on the adductor and abductor machines…as they open and close their legs for 100 reps while texting about the weekend and screwed up they were this past weekend at DJais (I can’t stand that place btw…BRING BACK SURF CLUB!).


Anyhow, I can totally understand the reasoning behind it:


One girl sees another or one guy sees another or this guy is trying to stalk that girl so they all end up on these stupid ass machines. The problem with that is the fact that it is virtually doing NOTHING for your lower body UNLESS YOU ARE IN NEED OF REHAB in those ISOLATED spots.


With that said, if your goal is a nicer lower body which includes nice quads and a slammin’ ass, ditch those machines and start incorporating BASIC movements to your training.


In the video below, I demonstrate Goblet Squats and Romanian Dead Lifts. A basic squat and hinge pattern. Before you try all these crazy variations, START HERE. You don’t NEED a bar on your back to squat either. In fact, you NEED the Goblet Squat to teach you how to open the hips, keep the chest up and squat properly. It is also responsible for HEAVY core recruitment (meaning better abs).



Edit: This isn’t to say that their aren’t plenty of other lower body exercises that work as well, this is merely to demonstrate better training knowledge and economy. If you have 1 hour to train, what’ll give you the better body?? Just think about it.