This series, 7 Pillars of Training & Life, was created because in my previous article, the line the stuck out to me the most was, “At the end of the day, lifting IS life. Not a “lifestyle”. It’s HOW you live and how you live in the gym is almost a direct correlation to your life outside the gym.”

 I feel that if you are going to be successful in your training program whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, getting ready for a bodybuilding/figure show, or an athletic type event, there’s common traits among those who succeed in the gym as well as they do outside of the gym. On the flip-side, the same people who lack in one of more of these traits fall just short or even worse, WAY off, in the gym and their training and I can almost guarantee that these people, although will not open admit it (as who will truly admit their flaws?) will agree that something is missing.

 One thing I’ve learned not only in my own life and training but even more from my clients is this, the most successful clients of mine are the ones who listen to the coaching as well as possess the 7 Pillars. Why? How do I know?

 I know my clients…very well…and know when they’re half-assing it and when they’re giving it their all. Common sense dictates that those who give it their all are the most successful. No excuses, powering through roadblocks, and accepting nothing less than their best efforts.

 In my training, these 7 Pillars are a huge part of my approach not only in my clients success with me in the gym and their training but outside of the gym in their homes and careers. Even if they don’t hear me say anything to them directly in regards to them, the way they attack each session with and without me tells me all I need to know and where can we improve other aspects to create a complete circle.

 The 7 Pillars of Training & Life are:

  • 1.    Love
  • 2.    Passion
  • 3.    Consistency
  • 4.    Perseverance
  • 5.    Determination
  • 6.    Courage
  • 7.    Conviction

 While there could be many other pillars that can replace any of the ones I stated, by definition, each may seem synonymous to each other but in fact, they’re quite different and if you don’t possess one, results in the gym will be lackluster. If you don’t possess one in your life, your life might be lackluster. Again, harsh? Absolutely not. Do not take it in offense but if the fruits of what you do aren’t satisfying all you do, then you aren’t doing enough to reap what you want.


 “Do not expect the rewards for the work you did not do.”


 As I explain why each pillar is needed for success, not only in the gym and your training, but in your very own life, I hope you will take an open mind and understand that when it comes to training, there is more than just reps, sets, and exercise, there is the deeper meaning to your program and training. Just like in life, its more than what you do 9-5, but there’s a deeper meaning.

 Understanding your very own pillars is huge in itself. Think long, think hard, and try to relate. At the end of the day, you have a goal in sight. You want to obtain that goal. Learn to understand yourself, be honest, and do better. When you do that, the road becomes a little less bumpy and the ride becomes much more enjoyable.