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This edition of What You Probably Should Read is pretty loaded.

I may have even missed a couple posts but I really enjoyed these reads as they help me continue to progress and gain better, high quality information.

Without further ado, here’s this weeks reads.


6 Dumb Financial Decisions Young People Make by Jonathan Goodman (Viralnomics)

^^Guilty as charged. I’ve done all 100. Well in this case, all 6. LOL. Much of this has changed/will change as I mature but if you can take away anything from this, basically…stop spending money on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t even like.

The Difference Between External And Internal Impingement Of The Shoulder by Tony Gentilcore

^^In short, we ALL have impingement and unless you are an overhead athlete, you most likely do not have internal impingement. There are a couple tests to check pain but it is not a diagnosis. It is a screen and nothing more.

Metabolic And Hormonal Realities And Changes During Menopause: Just What The Hell Is Going On? by Scott Abel

^^A must read for the ladies. Here’s a good clip and something to think about:

“Here is the usual hormonal cascade: both estrogen and progesterone levels decline with age, but progesterone goes first and at a much steeper slope. A menopausal woman has 5% of the progesterone she had in her 20s, yet she still has about 40% of her estrogen, just because of the way estrogen is stored in fat cells. Those fat cells continue to pump out estrogen throughout her life—note that this means “estrogen dominance” is a bigger problem if you are overweight, and an even BIGGER problem if you are overweight from Yo-Yo dieting. This becomes a very cruel negative feedback loop: estrogen promotes fat storage and weight gain, and these fat cells in turn trigger the production of more estrogen. With the metabolic dysregulation caused by yo-yo dieting, these hormonal effects are even more pronounced.” — Now we have all heard the good and bad about soy products. ANYTHING more than “moderation” (and that term is used loosely and generally), is bad. But with women who are overweight, hormonal messes, and menopausal, cutting back on soy products a bit could help. Not saying give up edamame at your favorite sushi spot all the time but too many women rely on Zone bars and other “female protein bars” which is nothing more than Soy protein and if you are intaking at high levels and pumping more estrogen and more estrogen and more estrogen, losing weight may be a bit more difficult. Now, not everyone is the same and people respond differently but if you think this is you, try a different approach (IE: whey protein).

Oh…and try and limit stress…because it seriously has an effect on your hormones.

Are GMO’s Safe? Yes. The Case Against Them Is Fraud, Lies, And Errors By William Saletan (Slate.com)

^^ A lengthy read but full of information and evidence which, if you are open to learning, will change your thoughts on this topic.

10 Reasons It’s Better To Be Lean, Bro by Bryan Krahn

^^ His writing style is one of my favorites and he proves it again with this piece.

We all train whether it’s to move better, feel better, and/or look better.

I will say, he is NOT saying you must look like a competitor; however, being lean(er) could pose more benefits.

Bro-Split Versus Total-Body Training: Which Builds More Muscle? by Brad Schoenfeld

I will say this … I have done both splits for lengthy periods of time. I, of course, started with the bro split (body part split) and yes, it helped my physique. Then, I did an upper/lower split and programming needs correctly along with just the right amount of volume. My physique exploded.

Here’s the catch: Mine probably did simply because of a new training stimulus but that doesn’t take away from the idea that initiating muscle-protein synthesis (MPS) leads to greater gains.

I’m personally back on a higher volume bro-split right now. That said, I’m not ditching it until it stops working. When it does, it’s back to upper/lower and I can’t wait.


So there you have it, folks. My reads of this week. Hopefully they challenge your thinking a bit and help you learn more so you are not in the dark when it comes to training and nutrition.

Have a phenomenal week.

Love all ya’ll.