W-O-M-E-N…Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

I love women. All races, nations, and creeds. Short or tall. Blonde or brunette. I do not discriminate…unless you have no manners or can’t dance…that might be an issue. :-X

I come from a family of virtually all woman. I have a stern mother (Hi Mom!), two incredibly great younger sisters, tons of female cousins, aunts, and blessed to say I still have both grandmothers. It’s something about women that just keep them going internally for a looonnngggggggg time; and why the male species is dying at a much faster rate. 


Without fail, you ask 9 out of 10 woman what they are looking to achieve in the gym…they all say, “I need to lose fat.” or “I need to tone up” and ya know what???? The first step was making it to the gym. ::Applause::

With that said, there is almost this sense of inferiority of a woman to a man, especially in the fitness world. There is NEVER a day that goes by where I see woman short changing themselves with 5-10lbs dumbbells, 4kg kettle bells, and tons and tons of machines. That may or may not be your fault. You might not have the proper knowledge…you just don’t know what you’re doing…or simply, just afraid. Let me reiterate some common knowledge for those of you who may be misinformed:

#1: There is a difference between losing ‘weight’ and losing ‘fat’. Don’t eat for a day, you weigh less (still have the same amount of fat). Resistance training (among other forms of training) builds muscle and BURNS FAT (and that’s the goal, right?)

#2: Unless you are taking steroids, growth hormone, or eating an absurd amount of calories, YOU WILL NOT GET BIG!!! 

#3: Re-read #2

#4: Increasing your metabolism is done by short bursts of high intensity work followed by a recovery phase (soooooo if you are the type to spend 30-60 min on the treadmill at that same speed, sweating like a somalian in the Sahara…yet still ‘fat’ in your eyes, maybe its time to give something else a shot…)

#5: Taking over the dumbbell rack will make you look as sexy as Mila Kunis, Eva Longoria, and Eva Mendez wrapped in one…and for god sake, who wouldn’t like that!?Image

..Now I am in no way, shape, or form the next Woman’s Civil Rights leader by any stretch but I will say as a trainer, you women need to be more empowered!!! Stop being afraid to lift some weights!!! Listen, you walk around looking so sophisticated and sexy with your high heels, your nice bag and/or clutch…and guess what? They weigh more than the weights you come using in the gym. You CANNOT expect body composition changes without challenging yourself. You know what I see when I see a woman grabbing tiny weight, sitting on the mat, constantly looking at her iphone and/or star gazing (I make my presence felt)? I see a woman who lacks confidence…and us men…we DO NOT LIKE a woman who lacks confidence. It’s very similar to the “you are what you eat” theory. When you come in and work just that…WORK THE HELL OUT OF YOUR BODY. THAT’S SEXY! THAT’S CONFIDENCE!!!

..and when you do that, tell me you don’t walk out of that gym with your chin up, smile on that face, and strut.

Yes ladies, we love the strut.